Надоело сутками рендерить?

Горит проект? Тогда наши рендер-фермы это Ваш выбор.

Our services

Render images and animations

We provide static image and animation rendering services. With our render farm you can significantly increase the speed of work and reduce the costs of the project. Want to try? Contact the farm operators using the contacts listed above.

Sale of render farms

Want your own farm? Do you have specific tasks? Then contact us. We will select the best configuration for your farm, as well as provide related consultations and, if necessary, we will assemble a turnkey farm!

Sale workstations

Looking for a powerful workstation? We can offer you workstations of famous brands - HP, Dell, Lenovo. Or we will build custom configuration of any complexity for your tasks and tastes!

Our servers


Dual-processor servers based on the Intel Sandy Bridge EP architecture have 16 processing cores and 32 threads on the server


In each server installed 64 GB of RAM


Servers are interconnected by 10 Gb / s Ethernet and 40 Gb / s Infiniband networks to reduce data transmission costs.

Gb of RAM
from USD Ghz/h


Our render farm supports work with most popular 3D modeling packages, plug-ins and extensions. Due to the optimal software architecture of the server farm, it is possible to quickly deploy software at the client’s request.


The cost of 1 GHz / h farm work starts from 0.005 USD to 0.015 USD. It is important that the calculation is carried out without counting the cores of Hyper Threading and increasing the frequency of the processor with the help of Turbo Boost technology. Despite the fact that these technologies increase the CPU performance by about 30-40%, they do not provide stable performance in all available applications, but they often affect pricing, greatly overestimating the cost of work. Since we cannot predict exact performance improvements due to these technologies, these options remain enabled, but do not participate in the calculation of processor power. You pay only for the actual characteristics of the processors!



Dedicated servers for studios

For large studios and large projects, we are ready to provide our servers for a long-term lease for a period of 2 weeks. You will be provided with a server with a clean OS and full control over them. Also included in the price storage system and all related infrastructure. Upon completion of the work at the request of the customer, the OS images will be saved on the file server.

Work examples

Payment methods

Payment for services using Fondy payment service


Other payment methods

If for any reason you are inconvenient to make a payment using the Fondy payment service, then we are always ready to listen to alternative options. For example, direct transfer to PrivatBank card, cryptocurrency, etc. For more information, contact the render farm operator.

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